Overcoming Huge Bouncers And Tall Fences To Get A Phone Number

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“Persistence overcomes resistance.”

Maybe you’ve heard that before when it comes to winning someone over. Maybe she’s hesitant at first, but if you dole out the charm and keep flirting, she might change her mind. If you persist–and aren’t creepy about it–she won’t be able to resist.

Well, what happens when that resistance isn’t coming from her, but from an obstacle course of fences, annoying security guards, and huge bouncers? How do you overcome THAT kind of resistance?

After a very long day of pre-gaming, I get kicked out of WaveHouse for being too drunk. Surprised? Unfortunately, all my stuff is still inside (outside being on the other side of a fence, since WaveHouse is an outdoor venue on the beach). After getting kicked out, I wait and try to get the attention of my friends, hoping they can at least get my stuff for me.

In the process of trying to flag down my friends, this cute girl, still inside WaveHouse, notices me and gestures at me to come talk to her.

As I approach her, a security guard comes flying out of nowhere. “HEY! Do NOT approach the fence.”

The guy then points at a white line down the middle of the walkway running along the beach, approximately 20 feet from the fence. “Stay behind that line at ALL times. Do NOT cross that line!”

I look back at the girl, smirk, and shrug my shoulders.

Well… now what?

After realizing we’re not going to be able to have any kind of conversation without yelling (and I’m pretty sure she’s foreign, so THAT would have been extra fun), she puts her hand to her head and gives me the universal sign for “Call me!”

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We go back and forth for the next few minutes, using awkward, improvised hand signals, her trying to tell me her number, and me trying to explain I don’t have my phone. Soon, our “interaction” starts drawing attention from people around me, outside, and her friends, inside. Everyone behind me is boo’ing the security guards each time they halt my advance, and her friends are trying to help her communicate what she wants to say to me.

After making no progress with our live hieroglyphics, I start making a writing motion with my hand. She smiles, immediately understanding my request.

She disappears, but one of her guy friends assures me she’ll be right back.

A minute or two later, she returns, leans out over the fence, and extends her hand with a scribbled-on slip of paper.

I approach the fence….

And I hear a familiar voice: “NO! What did I tell you about crossing that line?!”


“NO! I don’t care what she’s trying to give him!”

Meanwhile, the crowd behind me is going crazy.

Yeah, pretty much exactly like that
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She looks sad for a moment, but a smile crosses her face as she gets an idea.

She crumples up the paper into a ball and attempts to throw it to me. Unfortunately, the paper ball isn’t massive enough to fly more than a few feet beyond the bushes lining the fence.

I run over to grab it….

And one of the bouncers jumps in front of me, stopping me in my tracks.

I look up at him. “Dude! I’m just trying to grab that piece of paper!”

“I don’t care! How many times do we have to tell you to stay behind that white line?”

As a couple other bouncers make their over to see what’s going on, out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone from my crowd of supporters rush toward the crumpled piece of paper. He swoops it up, and before security has time to react, he’s already placed it in my hand.

Everyone erupts in a roar of excitement, I blow her a kiss, and walk away, victorious.

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Normally, I would have walked away after being given the initial warning. Come on, the phone number should not be a difficult series of numerical digits to obtain. But once she made it known she still wanted to talk, I knew nothing would get prevent us from making this happen. Because nothing stands in the way of true love lust.

Besides, I’m sure many of us have some sort of story about an asshole bouncer who ruined our night. Well, just this once, I wanted to score a victory for the little guy. And make sure the bouncer knew it.

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  • Bemused Bystander

    So what happened next??? did you call her?? you can’t leave the story there!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

  • “Maybe she’s hesitant at first, but if you dole out the charm and keep flirting, she might change her mind. If you persist–and aren’t creepy about it–she won’t be able to resist.”
    This entire thought is disgusting. If someone isn’t interested persisting means ignoring the fact that they do not want this kind of attention and do not want to date you. And the line about not being able to resist is saying ignoring what someone else wants to get what you want is ok. That means you think rape is ok. Respect when other people say no.

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