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Should You Post That Status Update?

The status update. The tweet. By whatever name the latest social networking site calls it, it’s how we all keep in touch nowadays. Unfortunately, some people just don’t seem to understand the process, posting updates that are completely inane or completely inappropriate. If you suspect that you might be such a person, then I am here to help you out.

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Five Signs Of The Guypocalypse

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the term apocalypse could therefore refer to anything that women understand with ease, but which no man is able to comprehend? Come to think of it, there has to be a Guypocalypse out there: knowledge hidden from all manhood; information that only the fairer, finer, testosteronally-challenged members of humanity are privy to; things that may not spell the end of the world for a guy, but will nonetheless bewilder us to no end.

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Dennis’s Online Dating Dictionary

If you ask me, online dating is the romantic equivalent of eating at Denny’s: they give you a menu full of tantalizing photos and enticing descriptions, but that Grand Slam breakfast sitting in front of you never looks quite as good as the one on the menu. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever enjoy a meal at

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