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Overcoming Huge Bouncers And Tall Fences To Get A Phone Number

“Persistence overcomes resistance.” Maybe you’ve heard that before when it comes to winning someone over. Maybe she’s hesitant at first, but if you dole out the charm and keep flirting, she might change her mind. If you persist–and aren’t creepy about it–she won’t be able to resist. Well, what happens when that resistance isn’t coming from her, but from an

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Losing My Motivation

I don’t do running. That is to say, I don’t do running when running is the only thing being done. Running in flag football, floor hockey, or settling of drunken bets? That, I can do. But… just running? Like, the ancient Greek death sentence known as a marathon? Crap, no. I’m decent at sports that require quick bursts of speed,

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Wasting Away In The Friend Zone

I have no problem with the Friend Zone. The Friend Box. Friendship Island. The Vortex of Platonic Optimism…. Whatever you want to call it, I think opposite-sex friends are splendid. They can be an arsenal of insight when we need help understanding, well, the opposite sex. What’s not so splendid is the opposite-sex friend who desperately wants to be more

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