Our Mission

We’re not at war. Love isn’t a battlefield. Popular culture would have us round up our troops now, ready to engage the opposite sex in a struggle of psychological proportions. Well, we decline. We’re all human beings, and we’re all from the same planet. We just have to be willing to learn from each other. Our goal is to bridge the communication gap between people of all backgrounds and offer a unique perspective that will let you laugh through the tears. Take a walk on our bridge if you’d like.


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  • I enjoy the articles, even if they’re not easy to digest. I want to learn as much as possible and not be kept in the dark. Thanks for this site!

  • I am reminded of a comment I read several years ago.
    The Sexes are not opposite they are complementary. I’ve been blessed with a wife that is so different from me it been painful at times and yet so effective “at the end of the day” – between us we can see most things from different views.

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