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I’m An Awkward Hugger

Meeting someone for the first time? Awesome.

What’s not so awesome? Hugging someone for the first time.

I confess, I’m an awkward hugger. To me, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than going in for that very first hug with someone I’ve recently become friends with.

The problem isn’t the first hug itself. The problem is when to attempt that first hug—when to level up the friendship from handshake / fist-bump / touch-on-the-arm / pat-on-the-back / casual-side-hug to….

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The Losses I Keep

August 23, 2010 Rough day for me today. I stayed at work a little later than I had planned, so I had to hustle to get to the hospital before visiting hours were over. My friend’s father had to have surgery to remove infections from both of his artificial knees. His son (my friend) lives in Georgia, so I went

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Talk To Us: If you’re trying to get over a breakup, what’s the worst thing a friend can say to you in an attempt to make you feel better?

Reader Jaberkaty made a great suggestion for an article: What can friends and family do when someone close to them is going through a bad breakup? Honestly, I don’t have the answers, and I doubt that any single person can. So, this might be the perfect opportunity to get some reader feedback…. For those of you who’ve been through a

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