I Need A Wife!!

I am married. I have a great husband.  I have a beautiful daughter. There is only one thing missing from my life:

I need a wife.

I want someone to yell at when I get home from work and the house isn’t as clean as I think it should be.

I want someone who takes care of me when I am sick.

I want someone who cooks dinner every night.

I want someone who always gets the groceries done.

I want someone who will pay all of the bills, balance the checkbook and keep the household on budget so that I never have to worry about something going past due, or bouncing a check.

Relationships are hard- life is harder. Man, wouldn’t it just be nice to know that someone was just taking care of everything for you?

Oh, wait. That’s what mom’s are for. I guess it’s our mother’s fault- they did everything for us, and took care of the house, but in turn they taught our generation that the woman is the one who does it all.

I am not saying that my husband doesn’t do anything. It’s just that sometimes I don’t want to have to do my job as a wife. I want a wife to do my job for me.

Guess that’s why people get personal assistants.

And maids.

Okay, I change my request:

I want a million dollars.

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