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This post should illustrate a big difference between men and women. In general, women are much more sentimental. This is why moms save every art project their children have ever done. Even the drawing from preschool. Sure, she’ll say it’s supposed to be a horse. But we all know it looks like what came out of the horse a few hours after it ate. Women like all the warm-and-fuzzy, let’s-keep-all-the-keepsakes, walk-down-memory-lane stuff. Not that I find this invaluable by any means. Women are just better at it. What are men better at? Well, in general, random stupidity. Or, if you prefer, stupid randomness.

Case in point: coasters.

Stay with me on this.

My wife Heather bought us some photo coasters. In layman’s terms, these are coasters that you can put photos into. Man, I’m great at clearing up ambiguity. There were four coasters in the pack. She let me take two of them. One of hers has a picture of us and all of our friends from work at our wedding. It’s quite nice, and a great picture considering how many people were in it. Her other one has a picture of the two of us from our wedding. Very nice and sentimental.

Now for mine. I didn’t need pictures. All I needed was Microsoft Word and a printer. That’s right. To me, photo coasters are really random quote coasters. Not quite as catchy of a name. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my coasters:

It looks like we meet again, Cup.

I am Coaster, guardian of Table.

See, there’s that random stupidity thing we talked about. What’s so great about this difference? Nothing really. Just that if you are able to roll with your differences, no matter how small, things can work out really well. Your coasters can hang out on the same table, doing the same job. And when I’m too old think of random stupid quotes because I can’t even remember my own name, she will be able to look at her coasters and say, “Aw, do you remember how wonderful that day was?”

Of course, I’ll respond with, “What? Who are you? Where are my Depends?”

Well, looks like I still got it.

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