Will Childers

Born in Albuquerque, NM and lived there until the age of five. My parents moved a few times which gave me the opportunity to live in Birmingham, MI, South Bend, IN, Evergreen, CO and La Jolla, CA. My parents moved to La Jolla, CA when I as in the 8th grade and I graduated from La Jolla High School in 1990.

My first year of college was at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. I transferred back to San Diego and spent my second year at MESA College. My parents had moved back to Colorado and I spent my last two years of College in Ft. Collins, CO at Colorado State University.

After that, I moved back to San Diego and started an Internet company called Global Investors Guide. It was later renamed to Ubrandit.com which went public on the American Stock Exchange. Those were some awesome times! That company has since then disappeared along with hundreds of other dot bombs.

In 2006 I moved back to Denver, CO and that is where I currently reside. After being at the same company for almost seven years, I recently quit my job and I’m now doing contract IT work.

You can learn more about me by visiting willchilders.com.