Stacey Tompkins

First and foremost, I’m a mother of teenagers. Two girls who keep me laughing most of the time, and feeling crazy the rest. I’m a traveler, hiker, lover of dogs and a hard- wired free-thinking gal from Bozeman, Montana.

I’ve always honed in on jobs where I get to work with people. I’ve been a Peace Corps volunteer, psychotherapist, counselor, and now I’m a life coach and trainer. The thing I love most about my profession is that I get to expand my mind along with the people with whom I work. My day to day is a never-ending exploration of human quirkiness. The hard-wiring, the newly installed software, the early conditioning and the exploration of a new possibility, this makes up my work day.  It’s sort of  like when our Mexi-Mutt Chica (see noble doggie photo below) brings home special ‘gifts’ from the great outdoors. My task is to take a look, using my curious mind to say, ‘well what have we here?’ and discover the worth of it. I love this process, especially when its messy and includes (or takes) guts.
Most of my posts will be about parenting teenagers, and I focus more on the adventure of it than the preachy ‘how-to manual’. We all have our own way, and I think if our kids survive childhood with some self-worth and grit, then we have done a fine job. We parents need each other, and sharing stories, laughing about things, and supporting one another is where I find connection and meaning. If you don’t have kids? I know it’s cliche, but it’s true, it takes a village to raise a child, so please read on. You are needed.
I look forward to any comments you decide to pass along, and thanks for reading.