Meg Pierce

At 21 and still in college, Meg was once the youngest writer at the San Diego Union-Tribune, where she covered feel-good community news stories. However, she got her first real break as a writer in fifth grade when her play was performed during DARE week to keep kids off drugs. As a junior in high school, her first screen play about a president she has already forgotten was made into a short film by her American history class. She was first censured by the school newspaper in 12th grade over an article she wrote criticizing the staff for overdramatizing the male trend to wear skirts to school. That article was copied and handed out by students in protest.

Coincidentally, when she interviewed for a teaching job there 10 years later, she didn’t get it.

USD students might remember her contributions as humor editor for the school newspaper. No one remembers she also spent time in the dungeon of that same paper as a news editor. Between her illustrious career at the Tribune and her reappearance as a writer here, Meg has worked tirelessly to change the world one student at a time in a variety of teaching gigs in San Diego and abroad. Other current projects include writing and illustrating her first children’s book: wish her luck.

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