Matthew Sanchelli

There is a common saying amongst the writing world, “Write what you know.”

I guess some humor can be found that when it comes to typing up a personal Bio the tank is coming up on empty. Strangely though this does not come as a surprise since it seems change is synonymous with time. And every day I uncover something different, and new, that was previously unknown.

But I don’t want to leave you without a peek at my dossier. I’m a single male, living in Kansas City, trying to find his mark in this world; and if I can find the right girl to accompany me on the quest then all the better. The kitchen is my favorite place anywhere I live. I do my best thinking while out running. Nothing can beat a well made cup of coffee (hot or iced). Eleven is my favorite number.

I’ll leave everything else up to time and your own conclusions.

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