Marc Severson

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Marc Severson. The sister I never wanted has often accused me of being the most exasperating man in the world but then she has been known to exaggerate.

It is rumored that I studied at the University of Arizona for many years undecided where to put my skills to best result. I majored in English Lit for three years (I can still quote a substantial portion of the opening to Canterbury Tales from memory in ME), then became an anthropology major, eventually acquiring a BA with a specialization in archaeology. After a few years as a ‘shovel-bum’ and a brief two year stint with the Park Service I changed careers and went back to the U to study education. Subsequently I worked as educator for the next three decades retaining archaeology as a second job (ALL teachers have a second job).

This February I will have been married for forty years, a statement which elicits awe from me in the amazing endurance and patience of my wife, Susan. I am the father of four girls, grandfather (as of November, 2013) of five grandchildren and after having had more pets than I can keep track of in my life I am down to just two; Lucille, my ball python and Bob, my pet fly.

I have lived in the same house for over thirty years because our family is primarily matrilocal and I hate moving.

Professionally I have been an educator, an archaeologist, a tour guide, a case manager, an artist, a raconteur and a babysitter among other things. Except for the last one I am currently mostly retired from those jobs although I still answer the phone on occasion. Since I was 15 I have wanted to be a writer. If I ever grow up I hope to realize that goal.

For those of you who do know me, unfortunately for you, I’m still Marc Severson. Glad you got to see me.

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