Kat Richter

Kat Richter holds and MA in Dance Anthropology.  This qualifies her to fork over an ungodly sum in student loan payments each month, to complain about Philadelphia’s mass transit system now that she’s foregone the London Underground for the City of Brotherly Love, and to conduct various anthropological “experiments.”  Proper anthropologists will note that social scientists don’t really conduct “experiments” but this hasn’t stopped Kat from signing up for Match.com and attempting to date 30 men in three months.

While not engaged in “fieldwork,” Kat can be found at the local coffee shop working on a variety of pseudo literary and academic projects.   She is currently revising her Oxford notes (can we get any more pretentious?) into what she hopes will be her first bestseller, “Of Boys, Books and Britain.”  And yeah, she knows its rather obnoxious to write a memoir at the tender young age of 25 but its either that or go back to working retail.

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