Jennifer Witt

A native Texan raised in Tenneseee, I’m a Southerner through and through.  I believe anything tastes better fried and iced tea should only come sweet.  I went to school with intentions of becoming a lobbyist.  Then I moved to DC and actually tried it.  Now I’m back home in Nashville where I own and operate a hot rod shop with my husband of two and a half years.  We live in a very vanilla suburb with our two dog-children.  There are few things in the world I love more than a good cup of coffee and my Tempurpedic matress.

When I’m not blogging here I enjoy going to hockey games, watching hockey on TV, blogging about hockey…okay, so maybe I’m not 100% Southern after all!  I also like to glue glitter to things, read non-fiction, cook and eat, take roadtrips, shoe shop, and sleep (preferably with a dogs snuggled in close).  I do a little pin-up style modeling on the side, too.