Erica Sager

You're Welcome

Erica begrudgingly attended college as a favor to her pleading parents. “They don’t let you major in Awesome,” she said to them. Originally interested in political science until the writing got to be too draining, she then switched to mathematics and earned a BA she hopes she’ll never have to use. The satisfaction never came from completing research papers, but from — as she humbly puts it — writing about “me, me, me.” Her first book, published by Red Mill School in 1993, entitled “I Love My Cat” became an instant classic among the Sager family and friends. It’s quite an exquisite work of personal non-fiction.

It wasn’t until she started living, though, that she really had anything of value to say. She’s learned a lot, from her triumphs and her failures.

An extremely smart and talented creative writing teacher told her how great, honest, and surprisingly charming her writing was (as if she didn’t already know), and suggested she keep writing outside the class. Her personal blog EricaSwagger is where she spends down-time letting you know what’s right and what’s wrong, and majoring in Awesome.