Rick Allan

Courtesy of God

He was not born awesome.

Ridiculously attractive, yes, but awesome? That took a quarter of a century of hard work along with a mess of completely inappropriate behavior and a total disregard for most authority figures in his life.

Rick was birthed in New York, raised in Florida, educated in Alabama (luckily only for the college part), and then transported to San Diego where he now resides. He currently pretends to be an engineer to fund his debauchery and plans to continue the facade until he’s incredibly famous and fantastically wealthy, at which point he’ll realize his lifelong dream of tipping strippers with an almost limitless supply of $2 bills. Fortunately for everyone (but mainly the strippers) Rick’s fame and wealth are right around the corner because he is quickly running out of $1 bills.

Rick has always had an affinity for writing, a fact proven by the “Excellent work” and “Good job” remarks scribbled at the top of every single one of his book reports from fourth grade. However, he never realized it as a passion until just after his Vegas cherry was popped in 2010. He hadn’t even had time for a post-coital sandwich before he recorded his weekend long adventure and sent it to family and friends, who then proceeded to freak out and demand he move to Vegas and start a blog to chronicle his life. He obliged their request with regards to the latter, but not the former, as it would kill him in the same manner 365 days of Halloween would kill anyone under the age of 12.

You can find Rick on Facebook and, occasionally, in real life

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