Struggling In Your Dating Life? Focus On Your Social Skills First

Hey everyone! Dennis here. You know … the creator of Musings? The very blog you’re reading right now? I’ve written tons of posts on here and played a role editing every other one?

Any of that ring a bell?

If it doesn’t, let me introduce myself really quickly. You see, I’ve been doing this whole dating-and-relationships-writing thing for almost 10 years now. In the “real world,” I’m also a teacher and currently in the process of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist.

And now, I’m taking all these years as a teacher/professional speaker/interpersonal communications guru/dating and relationships writer/dating advice giver, and mashing them up into a new service called Social Savvy Sage.

On the surface, I’m putting myself up as a dating coach. Woot woot. Okay, yeah.

But … unlike so many other dating coaches out there, my mission is to help people develop their fundamental social skills first, rather than offer generic dating advice or strategies. As my own personal experience and professional background have shown, if you hone your social savvy first, your natural attractiveness will follow, and your dating life can flourish without having to rely on gimmicks or fakery.

So if you feel you — or anyone you know — can benefit from a bit social skills coaching, feel free to check out the site!

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