How I Pissed Off A Bunch Of Asian Women On The Internet

Welp, the angry people are at it again. From now on, whenever I submit an article to The Frisky, I should just make it my goal to see how many hypersensitive people I can offend. That’s what usually ends up happening, anyway. Here’s a rundown of the latest drama: I published an article (which itself was based on an old

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I Date Outside My Race Because My Race Won’t Date Me

Whether or not I really am made up of a gooey white cream center and can now be found in heart-wrenching deep-fried form at the county fair, the truth is that I rarely meet Asian women who are interested in me. For years now, I’ve wondered if all is not harmonious in the land of Rice Rocketry. For years now, I’ve suspected that a disproportionate number of Asian women here in San Diego only want to date non-Asian men.

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