I’m Choosing Contentment Over Conformity

Parents. We all have them (sort of), we all love them (sometimes), and we all have to deal with their actions, asinine as we may believe them to be. I have to admit, my parents are pretty awesome. But, of course, they have their flaws, and they make plenty of mistakes. My parents are devout conservative Christians. Obviously then, the

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Sex Is The Most Important Part Of A Marriage

Time magazine recently published two articles discussing new studies regarding sexual satisfaction, marriage and infidelity. While Time played up the “groundbreaking” nature of the results, I was not surprised. Shortly after my wedding, I came to the conclusion that sex is probably the most important aspect of marriage. That revelation wasn’t the result of any sexual dysfunction in my relationship, but

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The Curse Of The Red Flag

I just went to a friend’s wedding. Instead of jumping for joy that someone else was joining the club, though, my husband and I found ourselves thinking, “oh, no. They have no idea what they are in for.” I shouldn’t be such a pessimist. This particular couple is incredibly compatible. But, there have been a string of divorces in my

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