I Never Thought I Would Lose My Job, Part 2

I had been laid off. I had nothing to do. And lethargy doesn’t suit me. I felt like the anxiety was going to overwhelm me. I’m a worrier by nature, and the impending financial disaster, the lack of health insurance, and the embarrassment all made me feel hopeless. My first thought was to run home. Live with Mommy, and work

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Are You Annoying?

We humans have this innate desire to classify things. We like to pigeonhole each other and make snap judgments. We segregate into extroverts versus introverts. Right-brains versus left-brains. Movers versus shakers, crazy-haha versus crazy-cuckoo, innies versus outies, prongs versus sockets. We have Rorschachs and Kierseys and Meyers and countless ways to catalog each other. Even online dating sites have started pinning their matches on personality typecasting.

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