Talk To Us: Your "favorite" rejection line

My idea for my next article is to write about the lines that guys give for not wanting to see a girl anymore after a hookup. Now, I’m not talking about a guy breaking up with a girlfriend of 2 years (although, if you wanna share about that, too, I’m always happy to learn). I’m talking about someone you may have dated once or twice, a few weeks or months, or even just hooked up with randomly… you find yourself interested, but then the guy calls it off all of a sudden. Ladies, I would love to hear what reasons you’ve been given in this type of situation. And guys, feel free to share the reasons *you’ve* given, or help translate other guys’ reasons for the ladies. I’m gonna take all the “evidence” I collect here and see what kind of article I can get out of it.



  • Like I told you the other night I am happy you are sharing your chess game with us. I am a girls girl, so getting different mens perspectives is always enlightening and interesting to me. I think the only men I kinda understand are gay men and my dad because I have known him for 32 years. ha ha
    Here’s an example I was watching a show on VH1 called tough love (it’s like a dating rehabilitation show, The dating expert helps women change to find the right man.) Anyway there’s a woman on there that has thousands of shoes, so I think she was using it as a topic of conversation and he told her something that blew my mind. “Men do not think a large shoe collection is cute.” Like wow they don’t? ha ha Now that I think of it the only men that would think it’s exciting are gay men and maybe men who adore stylish women.So keep the articles coming I really enjoy reading them and the responses are great as well.

  • Anthony Segreti

    I know I’m late to the party here, but I find myself being very enthusiastic in the beginning until I find something I don’t like. I feel bad sometimes because I lose interest within a few weeks like clockwork. I almost talk myself out of liking a girl. Sometimes I think I’m looking for bad things, but it’s most likely that I’m just not ready to be a one-woman guy at 27. I’m getting ready to break one off right now and I think that instead of a made-up excuse, I’ll probably just tell her the truth, which is; “I’m not willing to make time for relationship, quality time, I’m simply too busy with grad school classes, work, hockey, and hanging out with my buds.” In the end, I think that right now I really prefer to be single and capture the random hookup from time to time.

  • Hey Anthony, no problem on the lateness. It’s always nice to hear another guy chime in. 🙂 Anyway, I think you pretty much nailed it: If you’re just not ready to settle down yet, then it’s easy to find things you don’t like about someone. After all, nobody’s perfect. You’re NEVER gonna find someone and like absolutely everything about them. At least you’re not deluding yourself and thinking that the girls you meet are never good enough for you. I also wonder if, given that you were in a live-together relationship previously, the baggage from that is making you want to enjoy your singleness for a bit longer….

    Anyway, thanks for the input! I think you’ve given me an idea for a new topic….

  • Incidentally, does the girl know yet that you’re about to break things off? Because, if not… (shameless self-promotion coming at ya) maybe you should read my latest article, “Tell Me About the Booger in My Nose”…. 🙂

  • A guy in college told me he loved me after dating for a few days. I told him we were breaking up cause that was creepy. He went on to date my roommate. Classy.

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